My Old Obsession

Now l devote most of my time trying to keep redstuffdan fresh, original and interesting and have developed a loyal following who always keep me on my toes and contribute enormously to the success l have enjoyed with it, although at times, particularly over the winter months, finding suitable photographic opportunities can be a little challenging. It’s during these slow times that l revert to my old obsession and enjoy nothing more than playing with Microsoft ‘Paint’ for hours on end. Some of the stuff l have posted, the ‘starships’ and ‘space castles’ for example but most of it is junked or set aside – Well not anymore – This ‘Old Obsession’ has got a blog all of it’s own and l really hope that it encourages and inspires you to give it a try yourselves – I have a feeling that if you do – you will soon be just as obsessed as l am. Here is the link:-

Kindest regards