Door of the Week



4 thoughts on “Door of the Week

    1. Bonjour Maureen

      Thankyou – I do strive for clear, crisp and sharp images but fail miserably often. Unfortunately l recently took a tumble whilst photographing the City of Wine in Bordeaux and damaged the camera. It’s in the repair shop for a couple of weeks and l’m using a Powershot SX which doesn’t give me the same sharp images – very frustrating.



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  1. Oh wow – sorry to hear about the tumble – the price some of you photographers pay for all this field shooting – argh! Hope it is fixed properly and all that – but like M said – I am glad you are not major injured!

    And for this door – the center knobs always interest me – and it probably makes more sense for heavy French doors?

    Also – the wood on this door – is it walnut? Well either way – that brown hue is one of my very favorite wood tones – nice door of the week – au revoir


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