Happy Easter Wine & Cake


(All photographs artwork and other images in this blog are © copyright redstuffdan and cannot be reproduced without his written permission and consent – All rights reserved)


9 thoughts on “Happy Easter Wine & Cake

      1. Bonjour Daniel, I would like to feature you in my brand new newsletter Emma Blogs, LLC as blogger of the month for May.
        I can send you the interview questions or we can Skype. Can you send me a photo of yourself maybe in action with your camera.
        I love your photography. If we can plan on next week to get this together. Also, Dan, let me know if you would like to subscribe to the newsletter, so I can add you to the list. The interview will be with a link to your awesome blog.
        Thank you Dan


      2. Bonjour Emma,

        Sorry l blog for my own pleasure and am happy that others like my stuff but do not take awards or give interviews. Thank you so much for your kind offer.




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