Weekly Photo Challenge – Chainmakers Window (Selection)


IMG_5967 - Copie

IMG_5968 - Copie

IMG_5970 - Copie


(All of the photographs and other images in this blog are copyright and cannot be reproduced without my written permission and consent)


18 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Chainmakers Window (Selection)

    1. Bonsoir Madame M

      Thank you it seems to be a popular subject – l really enjoyed finding ghis little shop of delight.

      By the way your work and some in the Raven inspired me to write a poem of my own. I know nothing of form or structure but was surprised how good it felt. It’s called The Porters Boy and l posted it this week. Not many poets follow me so l would love to hear your view, if you have the time.




  1. Those are wonderful… always makes me think about treasure (keys open something and these look like keys even though they are not – at least they may open a bottle of wine which is no bad treasure to be hunting for either 😉 )


  2. wow! I’m windows addicted but I’m so impressed! Thanks for stopping and liking my kaleidoscope, it made me visit your page and truly enjoy it! Cheers


    1. I am building the courage to ask the rather stern looking man that owns it if he would allow me to photograph the insde where he keeps all his wonderful old Tools and materials – a real photographic aladins cave.


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