Introduction & Gallery

I think l’ve been Word Pressganged – No, l’m sure l’ve been Word Pressganged. One minute l was securely sailing along in my own little world without too many cares or worries – dabbling with brush, crayon and camera for my own gratutitous pleasure – Then suddenly, bang, the WordPress Gang get in my head and hijack untold hours of my life that are now dedicated to making redstuffdan the best l possibly can.

I do not remember the exact moment, or circumstances in which l was Shanghaied by them but l know my life is not the same. I am addicted to my Canon camera and iPhone and look at everything as though through a lens seeking the perfectly framed photo, l listen more intently to others and read, with an insatiable appetite, about art, literature, the human condition and my grand passions wine, golf, photography and France..

Although l sense l have arrived in this place against my will l know l am really enjoying the experience and being Word Press-ganged is not such a bad thing after all.

(All photographs artwork and other images in this blog are © copyright redstuffdan and cannot be reproduced without his written permission and consent – All rights reserved)



358 thoughts on “Introduction & Gallery

  1. do you allow people to share your photos. I often need one or two for my chiildren of light blog.. I of course would name you.. Your photos are nothing like mine, so no chance anyone would think they are mine. lol. eve


    • Bonjour Eve,

      Thank you for doing me the honour of not only liking my stuff enough to reblog it but actually asking if you can.

      Reblogging my posts, with the usual crédits, is great – l will be interested in which posts or pictures you choose.



      Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you for following my blog Cloud M:ne! Your photograghs are beautiful, keep going, keep playing with the shots. I like the layout of the photos in your posts as well, appreciate the time taken to arrange them so closely together. Thanks again!


  3. Very pretty pictures. The Christmas tree shaped crushed car stack – never seen anything like it, love the foggy field (or park?). There’s are so many compliments have 🙂 I’m going to explore more of your posts.


  4. Your work has such a lovely dreamlike quality–I love it. And thanks for stopping by eve’s apple! ~Marisa (


  5. Thank you for liking “Glory of the Grass.” Beautiful photo gallery! 🙂 It was a delight to see such a wide variety of subjects in your photos. I especially like your flower and landscape pictures.


  6. Wonderful photographs Dan. I love the word, Word Pressganged. Hahaha, it is exactly what happened to me. I posted a few pics on a blog for another friend blogger to see and BAM! Don’t know how, but here I am like clockwork every day, as I am retired. I love the blogs, the photographs and the information floating around being shared. It is a world in itself! 🙂


    • Bonjour

      Virtually all of my pictures are taken in the Aquitaine region of South West France with my Canon EOS450D camera and some earlier work with an iphone4.




      • Sorry for the late reply. You do really cool photos. And im really fascinated by french people. I have another question. Do you edit your pictures? because it really looks animated and at the same time beautiful. ^-^


    • Thank you Sara – Love your pictures but the blog is a little confused – for example when l clicked o home in your menu it took me to a non existent page. Apart from that l am envious of your travels;


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