Wine Castles & Vineyards

A few months ago l thought it was about time that l sort out and logically archive the thousands of pictures taken in the pursuance of making redstuffdan what it has become today. Unfortunately there are so many photographs and my brain doesn’t really do chronology and compartmentalization on a grand scale. I didn’t realise that during the past four years or so l have taken over ten thousand photographs many of which were, at the time or subsequently, disregarded as not up to scratch. Some have been deleted permantently but many others remain on this computer or on memory sticks or in the ‘cloud’.

It became apparent very quickly that my ambitious project was outweighed by my limited attention span and cerebal laziness and was therefore doomed from the start. When l pointed this out to Janine she suggested that perhaps l should just use our favourites, vineyards and chateaux  to cobble together another WordPress site using them to concentrate the mind whilst at the same time sharing with you our very enjoyable journey of discovery.

If you love beautiful architecture, old castles, magnificent chateaux, interesting domaines and gorgeous scenery that dramatically changes with the seasons this site could be right up your street. It is, however, a work in progress but l hope you enjoy it and look forward to reading your views.