I think l’ve been Word Pressganged – No, l’m sure l’ve been Word Pressganged. One minute l was securely sailing along in my own little world without too many cares or worries – dabbling with brush, crayon and camera for my own gratutitous pleasure – Then suddenly, bang, the WordPress Gang get in my head and hijack untold hours of my life that are now dedicated to making redstuffdan the best l possibly can.

I do not remember the exact moment, or circumstances in which l was Shanghaied by them but l know my life is not the same. I am addicted to my little Canon camera and iPhone and look at everything as though through a lens seeking the perfectly framed photo, l listen more intently to others and read, with an insatiable appetite, about art, literature, the human condition and my grand passions wine, golf, photography and France..

Although l sense l have arrived in this place against my will l know l am really enjoying the experience and being Word Press-ganged is not such a bad thing after all.

(All the photographs, artwork, other images and text in this blog are copyright and cannot be reproduced without my written permission and consent)

223 thoughts on “Introduction

  1. wish I could be more eloquent but wow! (so unbecoming a phrase to a writer) Your photographs are wonderful.

    Thanks for dropping by my blog – I might have missed you otherwise :)

    • Hi J

      Thanks for your support and follow – I have been trying to write a crime thriller for years and that old deletetitis keeps kicking in. The Dr says its not terminal but needs to be monitored regularly in case it develops into full blown writers block. LOL



      • Ah yes…you don’t have to tell me about that old deletetitis. I’ve got that one pretty bad haha!

        I love crime thriller novels though, so I hope that you end up finishing it!

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